Ein Stück Himmel


Fiction / Theatrical / 2019 / 100’
Written and directed by
 Michael Koch
Produced by hugofilm features & Pandora Film Produktion 
In Co-Production with SRF, SRG SSR & ARTE 

Anna and Marco meet in a remote mountain village. Shortly after their wedding, Marco is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Increasingly he loses the ability to control his impulses.

While the effects at the beginning seem harmless and even have a liberating effect on Marco ́s perception, the illness soon turns out to be a great challenge for all involved. Anna is confronted with the impact of a personality change that takes the form of violence and unrestrained sexuality against her and her social environment.

In spite of the serious incidents and the social isolation in which Anna finds herself, in the end she is able to reach out to Marco. She manages to preserve a love that outshines even death.


In einem entlegenen Bergdorf wird die noch junge Liebe von Anna und Marco auf eine schwere Probe gestellt. Infolge eines Hirntumors verliert Marco zunehmend seine Impulskontrolle. Im Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Dorfgemeinschaft und den Auswirkungen von Marcos Krankheit, versucht Anna sich eine Liebe zu bewahren, die am Ende selbst den Tod überstrahlt.

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