Lovely Louise

Fiction / Theatrical /  2012 / 100’
Directed by
Bettina Oberli 
Written by Bettina Oberli, Petra Volpe
Produced by Hugofilm Productions in co-production with Wüste Film, SRF, SRG
Cast Stefan Kurt, Annemarie Düringer, Stanley Townsend, Nina Proll 

André is in his mid-fifties and still lives with his mother, the 80-years-old actress Louise. He leads a rather unspectacular existence as a taxi driver, dedicated to his hobby, but hardly daring to speak to the nice woman selling sausages at the model plane airfield, where he flies his precious model planes. One day a stranger from America arrives at their doorstep. His name’s Bill and he’ll soon turn their tranquil life upside-down. For the first time in his life, André has to wake up from his lethargy and face a few facts in his life. Well, it’s never too late to start life and love....


André, 55, fährt Taxi, wohnt bei seiner Mutter Louise, 80, und führt ein unspektakuläres Leben. Eines Tages steht der charismatische Bill, 50, aus Amerika vor der Tür, ein Fremder, der bald schon das beschauliche Leben der zwei auf den Kopf stellt und André muss zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben aus seiner Lethargie erwachen.